Learning to Live Life

(Men Only)

Program Overview

12-18 Month Residential Program

Weekly Program Services

  • Target Case Management / Peer-Support

  • House Manager

  • Group Therapy

  • Individual Therapy w/ Licensed Therapist

  • EMDR, Recreational, Cognitive Therapy

12-Step AA/NA Program

  • 90 Meetings First 90 Days

  • 5 Meetings/Week Remainder Program


  • Required to Work ~30 Hours Per Week

  • Job Search & Vocational Assistance Provided


  • Includes Room, Board & Full Programming - See Rent Under Each Phase

  • $250 Intake Fee For All New Clients

General Requirements

Preference Given to Individuals Coming From:

  • 28-30 Day Residential Treatment Program

  • State Certified Program While Incarcerated

25-30 Hours of Required Programming Weekly

Complete Weekly Assigned Chores in House

Actively Work Recovery Program

Follow ALL Rules in Shepherds House Program

  • Manual Provided Upon Admission

  • Consequences for non-compliance

Program Core - Integrity, Accountability & Courage

Integrity & Honesty Focused Program

Random Drug/Alcohol Screenings

No Car First 30 Days

No Phone/Computer Until Reaching Phase 3


Program Phases

  • Typical Lasts for 7-30 Days
    Rent: $110/week

    Requirements in Orientation

    Sign-out with "Phase" client
    Secure employment
    Current on rent to move to PH 1
    Obtain AA Sponsor
    May job search & go to work
  • Permitted to Sign-Out Alone
    Secured Job, Sponsor, & Rent Current
    Rent: $110/week

    Sun - Thurs: 10pm
    Friday - Sat: 11pm
  • Client at least 30 days
    Rent: $110/week

    Established Solid Recovery Program
    Sponsor/Finished at Least Step 2
    Active Recovery Program

    Sun - Thurs: 11pm
    Friday - Sat: 12pm
  • Client at least 90 days
    Rent: $405/month

    Transition to Lyndhurst Apartments
    3/4 Way Transitional Living House
    4 Person Efficiency Apartments

    Sun - Thurs: 12am
    Friday - Sat: 2:30am
  • Shepherds House Graduates Qualify
    Rent Subsidized Efficiency Apartments

    Rent: $450/month

    Single Apartments
    Lead Wednesday Night SH Groups