The Shepherds House’s mission is to enhance the community’s overall health and well-being by providing an unparalleled level of care to clients who struggle with substance use disorder. To this end, the Shepherds House’s facilities aim to offer a wide-ranging variety of treatment options in order to best serve the needs of our increasingly diverse community. Moreover, all of our programs are guided and animated by a fundamental principle: clients who are the authors of their own recovery journey are best equipped to reclaim control over their lives; and, in realizing their potential and actualizing their talents, will contribute toward the flourishing of a brighter community.

Our vision is to serve as a model of excellence in all areas of substance use disorder treatment, providing broad access to a comprehensive range of treatment services, delivered with exemplary professionalism and an unsurpassed quality of care.

Utilize 12 Step Programs, Individual Therapy, Community Living, Groups, Employment and other daily tasks to learn to live life Sober while putting life’s pieces back together


The Shepherds House was an idea born in 1984 by Fred Hood, a parishioner at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Lexington, KY.  Fred’s son, John, was at Charter Ridge for treatment and it was strongly suggested he attend a halfway house for long-term care and programming.  There were no suitable programs in the Central Kentucky region.   Fred, and many others at good Shepherd and in the community, were advocates for developing a world class recovery housing program in Lexington. 

In September 1985 the project was recommended to the vestry at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church.  The request of the church was they provide 10% of the initial capital costs, which were anticipated to be ~$250,000.  The church agreed, and raised, the requested amounts ($25,000 for initial capital costs and at least $10,000 per year in annual operating costs).  The Shepherd's House was born, and it welcomed its first client, nearly four years later, in July 1989.

  • Bonnie Brae (Maxwelton)
    Recovery Housing Program
    Phases: Orientation, 1 & 2
    14 Residents (Male)
    1 Program
  • Lyndhurst
    Recovery Housing Program
    Phase 3
    14 Residents (Male)
    2 Programs
  • Fontaine
    Recovery Housing Program
    Phase 4
    10 Residents (Male)
    3 Programs
  • Boyle County Detention Center
    Substance Abuse Program
    (Males Only)
  • Boyle County Community Impact Treatment Program
  • Partnership with The Ridge Recovery Housing at Waller
    (Males Only)
  • Grant County Detention Center
    Substance Abuse Programs
  • Jessamine County Recovery Community Center
  • Danville, KY
    Recovery Housing Program (Females)
  • Shelby County Dentention Center
    Substance Abuse Program                                    (Males)
  • Partnership with The Ridge for Recovery Housing
     PHP -Lexington, KY   (Females Only)
  • Inpatient Treatment
    28 day Inpatient Treatment (Males)