Recovery Residence



The Shepherds House is a 12-18 month transitional residential treatment program for men 18 years of age and older. We are a structured program that promotes personal responsibility and accountability for those seeking sustained abstinence from mood and mind-altering substances. Those who are admitted are asked to commit to a minimum of one year, while others may need the full 18 months or longer.

The program is divided into three-phases following the initial orientation period (typically 30 days). All residents are in the Orientation Phase until they have obtained full-time employment of 30 hours or more per week, have paid the $250 administration fee, current on their rent, and have obtained an AA/NA sponsor. Residents move to Phase I once the Orientation Phase has been completed.

Phase I

During this phase residents are able to leave the residence on their own. Curfew is 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday.

Phase II

Phase II requires that individuals have been a resident for at least 30 days, shown considerable effort in participating in their recovery, have requested phasing up from Phase I with their assigned counselor, and are approved by the counselor and the Treatment Team. The Treatment Team is comprised of the clinical staff and the resident house manager.

Phase III

Phase III is the final segment of treatment. Residents in Phase III transition to our three-quarter-way house where they have their own efficiency apartment. Rent is paid at the rate of $350 per month. Curfews are later and there is less structure. However, residents are expected to continue to meet program rules and guidelines. Clients may have limitations placed upon their movement due to failure to comply.

Other Requirements

-All residents (through Phase II) are required to be employed full-time, pay treatment fees of $110 per week, attend 90 Alcoholic or Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the first 90 days then a minimum of five AA/NA meetings per week thereafter, obtain a sponsor, and adhere to ALL other rules and guidelines of the program.

-All residents will receive individual and group counseling while in the program.

-Residents are assigned chores/responsibilities that rotate on a weekly basis.

-First priority for admission is for those who have completed a 28-30 day residential treatment program or state-certified program while incarcerated. You may call or write for additional information and/or an admission application. (See Application tab)

-House managers and counseling staff provide individual counseling and assist residents in the development of independent living skills so they can become abstinent, healthy and productive people. Shepherd's House program is divided into three phases designed to empower each man to take responsibility for his life. This is accomplished by facilitating recovery through full-time employment; attending 12-step meetings, individual, group and vocational counseling from a knowledgeable staff of treatment professionals; and giving each man the individual attention he requires as he moves forward on the path to sustained abstinence and recovery.

Phase IV

Clients who graduate the Shepherds House program are eligible to rent one bedroom, furnished apartments at a reduced rate. This provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to continue to progress in their recovery after graduation.

Do you know of someone that has a problem with chemical substances?

The problem of chemical dependence is all around us. At Shepherd's House we try to help men find their way through addiction to recovery.